Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy

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A B O U T  M E

Patricia Appelgren

She is a woman walking the path of the heart. With a deep dedication for bringing us back in to our bodies and in to balance through conscious practices as relaxation, meditation, trust, breath & movement.

Her work and mission is to help people and bring this back into their lives so they can align with the journey of empowerment and discovering their fullest potential.

M Y  A P P R O A C H

Health, Movement & Wellbeing

I have for a long time been exploring the realms of health, movement and wellbeing and though this journey gathered knowledge from different teachings and schools. Everything I am creating now is the essens of this broad view from everything I learnt.


​Teachings that are present in my life right now is from yoga, meditation, tantra, feminine embodiment, healing of the feminine and masculine, shadow work, shamanism & ayurveda.


I have been influenced and inspired by many great teachers

Jumana Sophia

Sheleana Aiyana

Katrina Bos

Mira Monya

Anna Maria Magdalena

Sanna Sanita

De'an Matuka

Ulrika Norberg

Allan Finger

Sarah Plat Finger

Johanna Hector

Adya Shanti

Eckhart Tolle

Allan Watts



Her Mystery School | 2020-2021

Shakti Yogalärare | 2019


Earth Priestess Arts | 2019

- Earth Priestess Training, Bali 

Dearmouring Arts | 2017

 - Basic De-armouring training, Spain 


ISHTA Yoga Skandinavia | 2015

-Restorative Yoga

ISHTA Yoga Skandinavia | 2014-2015
-300h ISHTA Yoga Teacher Training


ISHTA Yoga Skandinavia | 2013-2014
-200h ISHTA Yoga Teacher Training


Jira | 2008

-Globalyoga 200h

Gothia Akademi| 2009-2010

-Diplomerad Coach


Katrinebergsfolkhögskola | 2007-2008



Ayurvedaskolan I Varberg | 2006-2007



Högskolan I Halmstad | 2004
-Konstvetenskap 20p


Friamålarskolan i Halmstad | 2003-2004
-Måleri och skapande